Angus Deaton wins 2015 Nobel Prize for Economics

British economist Angus Deaton wins the 2015 Nobel Economics Prize.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (OCTOBER 12, 2015) (REUTERS) – British economist Angus Deaton won the 2015 economics Nobel Prize for “his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said on Monday (October 12).

The prize was awarded to Angus Deaton “for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare,” said Nobel committee’s Goran K. Hansson who also announced Deaton’s prize money of 8 million Swedish crown ($978,000).

The economics prize, officially called the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, was established in 1968. It was not part of the original group of awards set out in dynamite tycoon Nobel’s 1895 will.