Divided societies, rising populism top risk list at Davos

Divided societies, rising populism and fears for the world’s climate top the list of risks facing politicians, central bankers and business leaders gathering in Davos next week, says the WEF. Rosanna Philpott reports.

(BVO,NVO) – ‘Davos man’, of both genders of course, is packing his thermals for next week’s World Economic Forum

But the world has changed dramatically in the year since these world leaders last met in the Swiss Alps.

The WEF publishing its annual global risk report Wednesday.

It picks divided societies and rising populism as two of the big dangers for 2017.

Donald Trump’s election and Britain’s vote to leave the EU set the pace.

Now elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy could all result in further antiestablishment backlash.

The WEF also listing longer-term worries: wealth disparity, protectionism, hacking and job-stealing robots.

Theresa May and Xi Jinping will be among the 3000 participants in Davos next year.

Missing faces include German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

And of course Trump.

The president elect’s ears will surely be burning though.

His stances on the Middle East and terrorism – not to mention his pledge to ‘make america great again’ – sure to be the subject of fevered discussion.

And then there’s global warming.

With Trump appointing climate-change sceptics to senior positions, he’s certain to be part of the discussion there too.