Get ready for ‘product placement plus’

REUTERS, YOUTUBE/THE LATE SHOW WITH STEPHEN COLBERT, (TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX TELEVISION) – Pepsi’s recent marketing effort on Fox’s “Empire” is the latest example of unique ways advertisers are pursuing brand exposure. Jeanne Yurman reports.
With DVRs and video streaming, consumers can increasingly shut out TV advertising.

So advertisers are looking for new ways to give their brands exposure.

Getting a lot of buzz this week was the tie up between Pepsi and Fox’s popular show, “Empire” about the recording industry.

Fictional Pepsi executives tap recording artist, Jamal Lyon, as their new pitchman.

In the last of the three-part series, during a usual commercial break, a Pepsi ad featuring Jamal will run – blurring the line between programming and advertising.

Jason Lynch, TV Writer, Adweek calls it product placement plus.


“What’s great about this is that it is organic, You can see that Jamal is at the point in his career where he may be considered for a Pepsi ad like this and at least in this first episode no characters are talking about how great Pepsi is or how Pepsi is better than Coke . But they’re talking about the brand and the importance of the brand.”

Lynch says we should expect more creative twists on product placements, which can pay off.

According to recent Nielsen data brand memorability jumps sixteen percent when advertisers use in-program placements and regular broadcast ads together