Trump sues Univision for $500 million

(BVO) – Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump filing a lawsuit against Univision for $500 million dollars after the Spanish language broadcaster canceled its screening of the Miss USA pageant.

The decision came after Donald Trump made what the network called insulting remarks – accusing Mexico of sending rapists and criminals to the United States during his campaign announcement on June 16th.

Trump who co-owns the Miss America pageant, filed a 19 page lawsuit against Univision alleging that the network’s decision to cancel the show was a violation of his freedom of speech, and an attempt to boost Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton.

After reviewing the complaint, Univision said it is “both factually false and legally ridiculous”.

Trump plans to sue NBC as well, after the major network also canceled its broadcast of the Miss America pageant.

Backlash against Donald Trump’s remarks is growing. Mexico announced Wednesday that it would pull its contestant from the Miss Universe pageant, and Macy’s announced that it would be pulling Trump brand merchandise from its stores.