Facebook wants to host news content

(Reuters Business Report) – Seeing the news on Facebook could get a lot easier and faster. The social network wants to host news content on its own site instead of having you hit a link that takes you to a publisher’s site. The New York Times reports that Facebook is talking to half a dozen publishers including itself, BuzzFeed and National Geographic about hosting their content on Facebook.

By doing so, Facebook hopes to chop the time it takes for articles and videos to load and keep users on its site. It may also be able to directly collect data that is useful for advertising, the Times says.

For publishers, Facebook is a big driver of traffic. But the new format could expose them to risks: those that participate could lose that user data unless Facebook shares it. And the new system would strip the ads that publishers place around their content. The Times says Facebook is considering allowing media companies to show a single ad within each article on Facebook.

FBN Securities analyst Shebly Seyrafi said, “Publishers will be hesitant at first, but it should happen. The shift to more video has the potential to increase Facebook’s monetization capabilities and pricing and stickiness of its site.”

Facebook shares gaining in early trading.

The Times says Facebook will begin testing its new format over the next few months.