#HongKong for Twitter

(BVO) – Twitter has opened a small office in Hong Kong aiming to gain a foothold in the world’s second-largest economy which has become a hotspot for social media activity.


“Twitter is using this city as a base to tap Chinese advertising dollars. Google and Facebook though already have a presence here, it’s just that you don’t see them with big campuses and offices like they have overseas.”

Twitter raked in four-and-three-quarters of a million dollars (USD) towards the end of last year from advertisers who paid for space in ‘promoted tweets.’

It hopes to do the same thing with major Chinese brands – drawing firms such as Huawei into the mix as they expand overseas.

China is a dream for U.S. social media firms with Internet usage exploding.

But it’s also a nightmare – with strict monitoring of the media and the leadership’s heavy grip on censorship.

Twitter and Facebook among several major sites which are blocked.

Even if Twitter could be viewed on the mainland, by now it faces stiff competition from China’s homegrown social media sites like Weibo.

But it seems China’s leadership, at least, recognizes the power of the Twitter brand.

On a daily basis, the country’s state-controlled press tweets messages to the outside world.