Satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo unveils new front page

“Here we go again!” reads the new Charlie Hebdo cover by attack survivor Luz, as 2.5 million copies are about to hit Paris news stands on Wednesday.

PARIS, FRANCE (FEBRUARY 23, 2015) (CHARLIE HEBDO) – More than a month after two Islamist gunmen attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine, lighting the fuse for three days of violence that would result in 17 deaths, the French satirical weekly revealed its newest cover on Monday (February 23).

The front page features a pack of dog-caricatures of cultural and political figures, including the Pope and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, chasing a dog with a copy of Charlie Hebdo in its mouth, above the coverline reading: “Here we go again!”

Though Charlie Hebdo released a “survivor’s issue” the week after the January 7 attack, the magazine’s printing presses have been silent since. The new cover hails the rebirth of the satirical weekly as it resumes publication.

The magazine found itself in the spotlight in the wake of the attack as the Twitter hashtag “#JeSuisCharlie” became the nucleus of a world-wide wave of support culminating in a huge rally in Paris on January 11. Over 1.2 million people marched in Paris for this march and 2.5 million more in the provinces. The Paris march was led by dozens of heads of state.

Charlie Hebdo was originally targeted by the two gunmen because of its cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

The new cover was drawn by cartoonist Renald Luzier, known as “Luz”, who also drew the “survivor’s issue” cover, featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed holding a sign reading “Je Suis Charlie” and the coverline “All is Forgiven”.

The new issue – all 2.5 million copies – will hit news stands on Wednesday.