Future autos infused with technology, luxury

(BVO) – The annual New York International Auto Show revved up Wednesday offering a taste of what will be on the road this year and next.

Autos will be infused with even more technology.

Kia for instance is phasing out CD players and hard-wired, on-board navigation systems, and swapping in wireless app-based technology.

Larry Dominique, Executive Vice President of TrueCar.


“Manufacturers are looking at what technologies are necessary, from infotainment to safety, consumer expectations of USB connectors, or bluetooth, or back-up cameras. And, now, it’s things, like lane departure, or blind spot detection, or front collision avoidance.”

This sophisticated technology is becoming standard not just for luxury cars.


“Take, for example, this all-new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. It offers technology that a lot of parents are apt to love. It lets them track junior’s driving habits once he’s pulled out of the driveway, and is down the road. For example, if he doesn’t have his seatbelt on, then the radio will shut off, and the car will give the parents some sort of report card letting them know if he’s driven over a certain speed.”

And despite a sluggish global economy, auto companies are banking big on luxury here and especially in China.

GM is out with its Cadillac CT6, a potential rival to the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Benz S-Class. While Ford has taken the wraps off its newly revived Lincoln Continental.

No surprise the show is chock full of luxury autos. While a minority of global industry sales, they represent as much as 40 percent of the profits.

Mercedes is launching five new SUVs. They’re raising their game in the interior space says the company’s CEO in the U.S., Steve Cannon.


“You’re going to see materials, and details, and finishes, and fragrances, and massage functions in chairs in the seats that will allow the customer to really, number one, really customize their environment. Right from, you can choose ambient lighting, and whether you like sunset orange or a deep blue, to create a mood lighting in that evening cabin space, you can do that.”

And, as a nod to stricter emissions standards, many of the models here have been refreshed with lighter frames using more lightweight aluminum and improved fuel efficiency.