Land Rover at center of faulty gearbox scandal

China Central Television (CCTV)- China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Sunday, the International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights, that the world’s renowned automaker Land Rover has adopted faulty gearboxes in its Evoque cars in China.

Owners of Evoque cars throughout China encountered malfunctions such as sudden stops while driving and faulty reverse gears, which reoccurred soon after 4S stores changed the defective gearboxes with new ones for free, according to some consumers.

“You see I’m driving it at a fast speed, right? Then suddenly it halts, just like this,” said a woman surnamed Liu who lives in Beijing.

“The reversing sign is flashing. Then I step on the accelerator. You see? Even if I step to the end, the car doesn’t run,” said Mr Yang, who lives in Ningbo, east China’s Zhejiang Province.

The maintenance personnel at different Land Rover 4S stores could not tell what exactly made the gearboxes out of order.

However, Land Rover China has said blame lies with Chinese drivers.

“The problem is actually related to the way our clients use it, including quick switch or reverse, and Chinese drivers often manipulate the gears really hastily,” said a Land Rover China staffperson.

“I think this kind of problem threatens people’s lives. You can’t take it for granted that it’s not a big issue until someday someone is killed!” said Ms Liu.

Land Rover had found the problem long ago and issued confidential notices only to the company’s engineers, according to reports.

Land Rover China released an announcement later, apologizing for the inconvenience brought to the consumers. According to the announcement, an upgrading measure to the gearbox has been taken since January 19, and the cars sold after March won’t have same problems.

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