Man stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight

A man says he was stung by a scorpion that fell out of the overhead bin on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Calgary.

(UNITED AIRLINES) – A United airlines passenger said he was stung by a scorpion after it fell onto his head from an overhead bin during a flight from Houston to Calgary on Sunday (April 9, 2017).

Richard Bell and his wife had just been served dinner when he felt something hit his head.

“I grabbed it. I was hanging onto it and then I realized what it was,” Bell told the CBC during a Skype interview on Wednesday (April 12).

A passenger sitting nearby warned Bell that it looked like a scorpion.”

“It stung me on the thumb right next to my nail…it stung like a wasp thing,” Bell said.

He then covered the scorpion with a cup and smashed it with a shoe before flushing it down the toilet.

Bell praised the crew’s responsiveness.

The incident onboard a United Airlines flight is the latest of several high profile incidents for the beleaguered airline. United has attracted significant negative attention in recent weeks beginning with its decision to bar two teenage girls wearing leggings from boarding a United Airlines flight.

On Sunday, passenger David Dao, a Vietnamese-American doctor was dragged off an overbooked United flight by law enforcement after he refused to give up his seat.