long lines at U.S. airports

No let-up to long lines at U.S. airports

Long lines at security checkpoints continue to plague travelers at U.S. airports.

(CBS) – Pack your patience if you’re heading to the airport.

These are the lines to get through security checkpoints.

This is Chicago Midway International Airport.

“My flight doesn’t leave until 8:25 but I see the disaster on television so I came running. It’s 5:30, I’m here, I’m making sure I’m not gonna miss my flight,” said Kim Shipp, a passenger flying out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Many people missed their flights due to the long lines.

Understaffing at the TSA is causing the problems.

Homeland Security plans to add more staffing soon.

Until then, passengers should arrive two to three hours ahead of their flight.