Tesla hands out keys to lower-priced model

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk revealed advanced orders for the lower-priced Model 3 electric vehicle topped half a million as he handed over the first 30 keys to employee buyers. Conway G. Gittens reports.

(Tesla) – Buyers of the Tesla Model 3 hope this will soon be their reality.

Tesla – Friday – handing over the keys to the first 30 owners of the more-affordably priced electric car. Those buyers are also employees.

The car maker betting a $35,000 base price tag will give its popular, but so-far pricey electric models more of a mass-market appeal.

CEO Elon Musk revealing over half-a-million customers have plunked down a deposit and are waiting to get their hands on the new car.

The demand so large – the charismatic salesman-in-chief admitting his company is facing “at least six months of manufacturing hell.”

This has to go right for Musk. The rollout of the Model 3 is the biggest test of his strategy to turn Tesla into a profitable, mass market electric car maker

Tesla has to avoid the production delays and quality issues that marred launches of its two previous models.

Any New buyers are already not expected to get their hands on these wheels until the end of next year.