Uber contractors demand workers’ rights in London ahead of tribunal

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (SEPTEMBER 27, 2017) (REUTERS) – Uber contractors, “gig-economy” workers and trade unionists marched in London on Wednesday (September 27), calling for basic rights for workers as U.S. ride-hailing firm Uber faced a British employment appeal tribunal.

Uber, argues its drivers are self-employed, not workers and are not entitled to a range of extra benefits.

The tribunal comes less than a week after the firm was told it would lose its London licence.

Protesters walked from outside the office of London transport provider and regulator Transport for London (TFL) to rally outside the tribunal.

The around 200 trade union-led protesters marched against what they deem “precarious labour” in the “gig economy”, where people work for various employers at the same time without fixed contracts.

Some, however, opposed the decision by London’s regulator to strip Uber of its licence, saying the firm should be allowed to operate but must grant workers’ rights.