Uber under siege in Europe

(BVO) – Black cabs one, Uber nil. Maybe.

London’s transport authority is set to unveil new proposals to regulate the cab trade.

Uber claims they’re a direct attack on its way of business.

The US firm says the proposals include a minimum five-minute wait time.

And would make it impossible for users to see where the nearest taxis are.

Stricter regulation could also raise costs, and fares.

Black cab drivers say that’s only right.


“With these apps, you know, they can do the same now. They can pick up in the street the same as we can. Instead of someone doing that (hailing a cab) they’re doing that (booking via cellphone). The satnav has now taken our job and it is unfair competition.”

But Uber is under attack around Europe.

This week alone, the company appeared in court in Paris and suffered a raid on its Amsterdam headquarters.

Uber says it conducts strict checks on drivers and vehicles.

But it has allies too, including tens of thousands of regular users.

It says all these cities should liberalise their cab trades, not restrict competition.

The simple act of hailing a taxi has never been more controversial.