United pulls out $10K for your seat

United Airlines said on Thursday it would offer passengers who forfeit their seats on overbooked flights up to $10,000 as part of the carrier’s efforts to repair the damage from the rough removal of a passenger.

(NVO) – Giving up your seat on United just got a less painful.

The airline saying Thursday it will offer passengers who forfeit seats on overbooked flights up to $10,000.

That may sound like a lot, but the carrier figures it will cost them less that a repeat of this incident: shocking video of Dr. David Dao being forcibly dragged from his seat to make room for United crew members.

Dao’s lawyer said he incurred a concussion, broken nose and lost two front teeth.

The new policy also comes after rival Delta outlined plans of its own for cash compensation – United’s offer topping Delta’s by 50 bucks.

Dao was yanked from a flight from Chicago to Louisville by authorities.

United later saying it will no longer call law enforcement in such situations, and that passengers who’ve already boarded will never be asked to deplane.

United CEO Oscar Munoz, who’s been under fire for the debacle, last week forfeited his role as company chairman, which was planned for 2018.

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