US Airways brand is no more

American Airlines retires its US Airways brand.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (OCTOBER 16, 2015) (NBC) – US Airways became history on Saturday (October 17), as the carrier’s flight reservations move over to American Airlines in one of the last steps in the creation of the world’s largest air carrier.

“We’re joining the world’s largest airline, and it’s gonna be a wonderful experience for our passengers, for the employees and for the future of the company,” said Doug Rice, US Airways captain.

The air company launched a farewell party as its last flight on subsidiary US Airways was about depart at 9:55 p.m. local time on Friday (October 16) from San Francisco to Philadelphia.

US Airways flights scheduled beyond Oct. 16 were gradually receiving American-only flight codes starting on July 18. Travelers already ticketed on one of those flights were expected to get an email with their new reservation information, the airline said.

The company had to combine technical systems related to flight movement and dispatch. The change is not as simple as switching flight codes. The company must transfer thousands of customer reservations from US Airways’ platform to the one used by American.

American said it canceled flights around Oct. 17 to make the transition easier. It has hired some 1,300 full-time and part-time reservation agents and 600 airport agents, who will fill in for US Airways employees who are being trained on new systems.

American Airlines Group Inc, formed by the two carriers’ 2013 merger, it will have a single website, reservations system and brand starting on October 17, 2015.