Eggshell carving Polish artist shows new Easter collection

A Polish artist shows his collection of Madonna images from around the world meticulously carved onto egg shells.

SLODKOW, POLAND (APRIL 7, 2017) (REUTERS) – Polish artist Mariusz Dubiel has spent a long time preparing for Easter, carving images of the Madonna and Jesus Christ onto fragile egg shells to create a new collection in his already impressive portfolio.

17 years ago Dubiel took the Polish folk tradition of decorating Easter eggs to a new level by creating intricate artworks on their surfaces.

In Poland’s Easter tradition, decorating eggs requires boiling them in water with onion skin, which gives them an even brown colour. Various patterns are later scratched on the surface with a paper knife, a delicate task usually left to women.

Dubiel practised decorating eggs until he mastered the art to perfection, allowing him to copy artists like Leonardo Da Vinci onto shells. He decorates hen eggs, goose eggs and ostrich eggs. It takes him about an hour to scratch one hen egg and three hours for ostrich eggs.

Even though his work is widely admired for its craftsmanship and attention to detail, Dubiel says his main purpose is spiritual.

“Obviously Easter eggs should speak to people, should inspire emotions, they should to remind that we are not alone in the universe, that somebody is watching over us,” he said.

Dubiel often depicts Madonna or Jesus Christ, but he also uses images of animals common in Polish folk tradition. The finished designs, coloured using markers, are later covered with a layer of varnish.

According to Christian tradition Easter eggs symbolise spring and the awakening of new life, but most of all rebirth on the day that marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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