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Ben Stiller sets selfie record at ‘Zoolander 2’ premiere

Derek Zoolander himself, Ben Stiller, broke a world record when he held up the world’s longest ever selfie stick at the ‘Zoolander 2’ premiere in London. Francis Maguire reports.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (REUTERS / PARAMOUNT) – It’s a film that pokes fun at the vain and self-obsessed…..

And at the premiere for ‘Zoolander 2’ in London, Ben Stiller brought out something Derek Zoolander himself would be proud to own.

The world’s longest selfie stick.

Stiller held the stick up high over his head and managed to capture a shot of himself and his co-stars standing just over eight and half metres below.

They may be breaking records now but the first ‘Zoolander’ movie wasn’t able to do the same at the box office.

It took a few years to acquire cult status.

Actor, Ben Stiller,

“I have no idea, honestly. I feel like the movie, you know, when it came out not everybody saw it. It was, I guess, a little bit out there. And, somehow, it got discovered over the years, which has been great. And we didn’t actually ever think we were going to do a sequel and then the last few years the momentum started building and now all the pieces came together and so I’m happy that we did.”

Actor, Will Ferrell,

“You know, I think for all of us, Owen and Ben and myself, these movies that we’ve done that have, you know, kind of found their little way with pop culture and the Zeitgeist, it’s always… we’re thankful for it but we kind of, you can’t just predict what’s going to work and what’s not so it’s both flattering and just bizarre and that something like this would, kind of, like a fine wine over the years just grow in stature.

Just like the original film, ‘Zoolander 2’, parodies the fashion industry.

And one of the big promotions for the film came at a Valentino fashion show in 2015 when Zoolander and Hansel both walked the catwalk.

Actor, Owen Wilson,

“Well, I know when we were walking out in Paris at the Valentino fashion show that we were kind of nervous about what the reaction was going to be and I think they really had a sense of humour about themselves and seemed to kind of embrace it. Yeah.”

‘Zoolander 2’ is released in the UK on February 12.

The question is can Derek Zoolander save some of the world’s most beautiful people from a mysterious group of assassins.