Denis Villeneuve gets Ridley Scott approval for ‘Blade Runner 2049’

(WARNER BROS) – Social media reactions to press screenings of the highly anticipated ‘Blade Runner 2049’ appear to have consolidated the film as a worthy sequel to the 1982 cult classic, although formal reviews are embargoed until the morning of Friday (September 29).

The film’s director, Denis Villeneuve, admitted that despite the positive reaction, only two men’s opinions mattered to the Canadian filmmaker, saying “I feel more calm because I know that both fathers, Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott, love the film so once I knew that, for me it was a huge relief.”

Ridley Scott, who directed the original film and produced the sequel, told Villeneuve after watching the film that “he was moved by was the pacing and the atmosphere of the film which he said was like beautifully in relationship with the new movie.”

‘Blade Runner 2049’ follows the new blade runner (Ryan Gosling) who goes on a quest for the truth after a routine assignment has some surprising results. The look of the film harks back to the original with apocalyptic but technologically advanced landscapes.

To establish the futuristic scenes, Villeneuve along with cinematographer Roger Deakins worked to ensure that all technical aspects were in place before the actors arrived on set, so they could concentrate on the core theme of the film.

“It says a lot about humanity. It says a lot about our relationship with broken dreams,” Villeneuve said. “It says things about as human beings we are programmed by our genetic background and our education and that we are like trapped by that background and it’s very difficult for us to get free out of it. It says so many things and those ideas aren’t coming from me, they were coming from the screenplay. The screenplay is very rich so it’s a movie that I felt there were a lot of profound themes.”

“Everything was there. Without that, I wouldn’t be here today. I just felt that there was a strong potential. The good thing that I was able to bounce around to create space for scope and poetry and try to bring cinema between the words. That was my challenge, not my challenge, but my job,” he added.

Although the film is self-contained, it finishes with several loose ends, leaving the door open for a potential sequel.

“I’m positive that if ever this movie is welcomed, Ridley will come up with another idea,” said Villeneuve. “But for now I know that everyone is focused on this specific one. It’s already a huge task to try to do that and no, myself, I didn’t think of what’s happening next.”

‘Blade Runner 2049’ opens in US cinemas on October 6.