Eye in the Sky

Helen Mirren attends Eye In The Sky premiere

Helen Mirren attends ‘Eye In The Sky’ premiere and discusses drone warfare.

(ENTERTAINMENT ONE) – Helen Mirren walked the red carpet of the UK premiere of her new film ‘Eye In The Sky’ in London on Monday (April 11).

The thriller which is produced by Colin Firth, who attended the premiere, is set in the world of counter-intelligence and remote warfare. When a mission escalates from a so-called “capture” to “kill” operation the film tackles the political and ethical dilemmas of modern warfare, including collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties.

Oscar-winning actress Mirren plays Colonel Katherine Powell who is leading the top secret drone operation targeting the terrorist cell. The role was initially intended for a man to play.

“I think it was very astute of the director. I’m not saying me but any woman playing that role just really opens the film up to the female audience as much as anything. It brings. It’s much more embracing, it brings us all into the argument. It’s not then just a macho movie, you know about men making war,” Mirren told Reuters.

When discussing the debate about this form of drone warfare the actress added that its use was inevitable.

“It’s not going to go away so we better get used to that fact and sort out in all of our corporate minds, our national minds, you know, what we feel about it,” she said. “It will be used in our name anyway.”

Game of Thrones star Iain Glenn plays the British Foreign Secretary in the movie and also gave his thoughts on the use of drones.

“There’s got to be times when it’s appropriate and times when it’s not. The danger of it is that it’s used too readily I guess and you know and that’s the worry,” he said.

‘Eye In the Sky’ co-stars Aaron Paul and Phoebe Fox, and was also one of Alan Rickman’s last on-screen performances before his death in January. Director Gavin Hood, whose previous work includes Ender’s Game and Tsotsi, reflected on Rickman’s performance.

“He has this ability to play absolute emotional honesty with a twist of sarcasm that allows the audience to laugh in moments when they’re feeling extremely tense and that’s a real skill. Because you know if you push the laughter too far you jump the audience out of the film and he never does that. So I wish Alan were here to talk to you and I’m sorry he’s not.”

‘Eye In The Sky’ will be released in cinemas on April 15.