A lookback at James Bowen and his cat the day before premiere of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’

Archive footage of James Bowen and his cat from 2012 when the duo had a book deal, now that book has been made into a film.

(SONY PICTURES RELEASING) – The heartwarming story of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ has been made into a film to be premiered in London on Thursday (November 3).

James Bowen’s book was published in 2012 and went on to be a best-seller and now it has a big screen version starring Luke Treadaway, the original cat – Bob, Anthony Stewart Head and Joanne Froggatt.

‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is the story of how James’ life living hand to mouth on the streets of London was transformed five years ago when he met ginger cat Bob.

The pair instantly became inseparable and a familiar sight to many Londoners and ended up being offered a publishing deal.

Bowen and his cat Bob were given a rock star like reception at a signing session for their book at a store in London in 2012 when it was published.

”I could not believe the response, I did not expect people to be queuing around there block just to see me and the cat.” Bowen said.

Also back in 2010 literary agent Mary Pachnos, who spotted Bowen on the street and offered him a book deal was skeptical at the time about the story being made into a film.

”Yes well I think there is every chance it could be made into a film, but actually funnily enough the films tend to come quite a while after the book comes out because if you really want a successful film it’s got to be in America, so once the book is published and it starts moving here then the American’s will wake up to it,” she said

And author himself said he was keeping his feet firmly on the ground and planned to carry on working on the streets.

”Yeah well I love performing you know so yes I will still go busking, I don’t think I will be busking as much, but I really don’t think it’s (the book) gonna be that successful that it’s gonna make that much money, you don’t make a lot of money out of the print media these days- it’s a dying industry unfortunately but you know it would be nice to sell a few copies and be a little more comfortable.” Bowen said in 2012.

Now Bowen and his cat will walk the red carpet for the premiere of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ on Thursday (November 03).