‘Maze Runner 2’ tops ‘Black Mass’ to win the weekend box office

‘Maze Runner 2’ races past Johnny Depp’s ‘Black Mass’ for the top spot in the weekend box office

(TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX) – “The Maze Runner: Scorch Trails,” the sequel to last year’s post-apocalyptic young adult hit, raced its way to the top of the weekend box office with a $30.3 million showing. The 20th Century Fox picture was filmed for $61 million and released in 3,791 locations.

“Black Mass,” a look at Boston gangster Whitey Bulger and his unholy alliance with the FBI, fiinished in second place with $23.4 million across 3,188 locations. The Johnny Depp led movie cost $53 million to make and puts the film in the same level as other Boston crime dramas such as “The Departed,” which led its run with $26 million in 2006 and “The Town,” that started off with $23.8 million in 2010.

Universal’s “The Visit,” showed up in third place with $11.3 million to give the M. Night Shyamalan directed film $42.3 million in two weekends. Sony’s “The Perfect Guy,” came in fourth with $9.7 million for a two week total of $41.4 million.

Rounding out the top five was Universal’s “Everest,” which was released in only 545 Imax and premium screens and brought in $7.6 million. The film that cost $55 million to shoot and stars Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, and Jake Gyllenhaal used the same approach to garner buzz that “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” use in 2011.

“Ghost Protocol” brought in $13.3 million in before having its wide release.