Oliver Stone talks fake news and Trump’s America at awards ceremony

American director and producer Oliver Stone decries fake news and bad diplomacy as he receives award in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 3, 2017) (REUTERS) – Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone is urging the American public to search for the truth behind the news in Trump’s America.

From presidents to serial killers, the 70-year-old Hollywood director hasn’t shied away from exploring controversial figures, and with such titles as “Nixon,” JFK and “W” in his repertoire, it’s no surprise that he’s got a few thoughts about the intersection of politics and the news media.

“Crazyism? Fake Newsism? I don’t know. I think the mainstream media of the United States has an agenda. It’s a Cold War agenda. Possibly a hot war agenda, and it’s to keep spending big money on NATO, big money on arms, weapons, so it seems like we’re in a cycle where you can’t get out of it. Manufacturing is chaos in the world, and it’s in our interests to keep doing it. I don’t see any attempt to change the syndrome of the [unintelligible] … …from the United States government.”

The director’s comments came on Friday (February 3) as he was given the Baume & Mercier Special Award for his work as a producer on the documentary, “Ukraine On Fire.” Stone was at the event at the Italian Institute of Culture in Los Angeles, which doubled as the premiere for the documentary.

“Ukraine on Fire”, director by Igor Lopatonok, details the historical premises of the 2014 Ukraine revolution, the current state of the countyr and and the perils that lie ahead. Stone says fake news played a part in the unrest in Ukraine and led to poor policy by the U.S.

“Whenever you see an untruth and it just goes around and around and it becomes the basis of foreign policy for our country, it’s shocking to me that it could be so fake and this whole situation is a created and falsified situation,” says Stone. “The narrative, at the time it happened, the Western press never investigated what was going on at the time it was going on, they never went and asked the questions on the other side of the line about the Ukranian government’s motives.”

Among those who were interviewed by Stone and appear in the film are Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Duma and Viktor Yanukovych.