Smiley faces to rolling eyes: ”The Emoji Movie’ premieres in L.A.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (SONY PICTURES) The cast of ‘The Emoji Movie’ turned out in Los Angeles for the world premiere of the animated film which rolls out in cinemas on Friday (July 28).

Cheery Hi-5, a snobbish Poop and a conflicted Meh have starring roles in the “The Emoji Movie,” which imagines a world inside cellphones where emojis rebel against portraying just one emotion all their lives.

‘Silicon Valley’s’ T.J. Miller, who provides the voice of “Gene,” said although the film is a comedy, it still has an important message.

“So when they see it and they see the progressive like feminist messages, messages about being yourself, about being inclusive, about rather than fans and followers, friendship, we loved everything about the film and we’re so excited for people to be surprised by it,” Miller told reporters at the world premiere on July 23.

Much of the publicity so far for the Sony Pictures film has been for casting Shakespearean actor Patrick Stewart as the voice of a “poop” emoji.

“What’s fun about ‘Poop’ is that he has insight into who and what he is and out of that insight comes a sense of humor which allows him to use euphemisms about what he represents in a witty way,” said Stewart, about voicing ‘Poop.’

Comedian Maya Rudolph, who voices the villain ‘Smiler,’ said it was always more fun playing a bad emoji.

“What was more fun was playing the villain. It’s truly delicious to get to be that big and that evil and dark and that sinister, that kind of you know … Those are the meatier, juicier things to play and that always makes it really fun. And plus it feels so freeing because you think I’m not so bad, am I? I could never be like this, she’s a monster,” said Rudolph.

‘The Emoji Movie,’ also features the voices of Anna Faris and TV Host James Corden, among others.