Vin Diesel says being named the third highest paid actor in the world is surreal

(EVO) – Trailers are becoming more and more important in the movie world and on the release of the first trailer for ‘The Last Witch Hunter’, Vin Diesel held a press junket in New York to talk about his upcoming performance and why it’s a dream come true.

actor Vin Diesel,

“I was a fantasy role playing game guy in my teens and in my twenties. So to actually play a character that speaks to that is some ways closer to me than most characters I play.”

And seeing the trailer brought back memories…. and allergies.

actor Vin Diesel,

“That scene that you just saw her – this field here they pumped in real pollen. So everybody was like, had allergies that day because they were just using the pollen to create this effect, this kind of.”

Forbes recently announced that Diesel is the third highest paid actor in Hollywood at the moment, raking in $47 million mainly for his part in ‘Fast and Furious 7’

actor Vin Diesel,

“It’s especially surreal reading that article while being in New York because, you know, when I was sixteen years old I was break dancing right downstairs at Columbus Circle for money. The other day I took a tour around the city and looked at my old haunts and – it’s surreal and I’ve got to say I don’t think about it a lot.”

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ – the full length film, rather than the trailer – will be released in most territories in October.