Billions for his resignation – a muscian collects money for Trump to go

A musician in Munich collects money for Trump to go – 1.5 billion euros are his goal in exchange for the Trump to leave the U.S. oval voluntarily.

MUNICH, GERMANY (FEBRUARY 10, 2017) (REUTERS) – Donald Trump and money are not an alien pair. But the offer to buy the U.S. presidency off the business mogul-turned-politician for 1.5 billion euros and make him leave the Oval Office voluntarily – that is certainly a new concept.

And that is exactly what Roland Hefter, a musician and cabaret artist in the German city of Munich, hopes to achieve.

The Bavarian singer has started the internet site and appeals on it for donations. More than 4,000 euro has already found its way into the ‘Stop-Trump’ collection box.

Trump’s aversion to opposition and his way of dealing with foreign countries had inspired Hefter to take action against the U.S. leader.

The donation idea came to him, he told Reuters TV, when he attended a concert.

“I once was at a cultural event where the band was that bad – and no, it was not my band – that the pub owner and the guest collected money for them to stop. And that was like a sign. A brutal sign, sure, and one that we should use against Trump as well,” he said.

The amount of 1.5 billion euros is exactly the amount Trump would have earned during four years presidency, said Hefter.

Although some 3,500 people have already donated to his campaign, the musician said he was aware that he might not reach his goal.

“Well, the chances (for it to work) are relatively slim. But who knows, maybe it’s not even true that he waived the president’s salary. That was only in the media, and one must not believe the media – he always says. And maybe his wife will gets divorced from him at some point, I don’t know, not because he is too old or because he might be taken for her father, but simply because he has no time for her, anymore. And then he’ll need every cent,” he said.

If the U.S. president does not accept the money, Hefter said he will donate the entire amount to Amnesty International.

Hefter’s idea seems to go down well with the people in the streets of Munich.

“I would donate even more money in order to get rid of him,” said passerby Peter Frankenheimer when asked about how he felt about Trump.

Rainer Wallerius also liked the idea but doubted its chance of success.

“If we look at the 1.5 billion euros donation campaign – it certainly is meant well, but most of all it is a sign of desperation. What else can we do? We know, or we have some inkling that Mr. Trump reacts positively to money. But between you and me, it is pure sarcasm, it will never work,” he said.

Roland Hefter has until April 20 in order to come up with the 1.5 billion, which is the end of the first 100 days of Trump in office.