Bwalya Sophia Chibesakunda- CSR PROJECT

BOMBSHELL REACH PROJECT 2021 – This short film documentary explains Bombshell’s motivation and desire to help some of our vulnerable members in our community with full school scholarships and is dedicated to her late Grandmother Bwalya Sophy Chibesakunda. This year Bombshell has been helping the Youth at Chimwemwe Secondary School in Chimwemwe, Kitwe.

If you would like to contact her and help contribute to helping these young people, please feel free to contact us at Nexus Music on +260 978402508
[email protected]

Bombshell Grenade
Bombshell Grenade is an award winning artist, model, TV Presenter,Actress and Entrepreneur

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Mpelembe Network
Mpelembe Network is a community involved in many social projects which are multidisciplinary collaborations with corporate partners. Bombshell Grenade has partnered with Mpelembe Network for community outreach through #hiphop #musicproduction @YouTubeCreators @googlecloud @GoogleForEdu