Gloria Gaynor performs ‘I Will Survive’ at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress celebrates disco song and dance as an integral part of American culture in a unique event called ‘Bibliodiscotheque’ featuring Grammy-winner Gloria Gaynor. Gavino Garay reports.

This, believe it or not, is the Library of Congress in Washington.

It’s Bibliodiscoteque — an event organizers say celebrates disco as a force that “changed American art, fashion, language and sound” beyond the 70s and 80s.

Headliner Gloria Gaynor is a key voice behind that movement.

In 2016, her song ‘I Will Survive’ was inducted into the Library’s National Recording Registry.

The song has been called an anthem for people from all walks of life.


“It’s infectious, and this is what you always hope for when you record any kind of a song, that it will be infectious. So, it will be tapped into, and it will inspire, and it will be sought after by future generations for a long long — beyond my visions for sure.”

It’s the power of music, she says, that lifts spirits.

… something she wants to be remembered for.


“I am hoping that my legacy will be that Gloria Gaynor’s music, and Gloria Gaynor, sought to uplift, to encourage, to inspire, and to empower people, and she did it well.”

A timeless message — and performance — that’s one for the books.