Japan’s latest idol group chants cryptocurrency choruses

A Japanese pop group hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon on Friday (January 12), dedicating themselves to singing and dancing about the cryptocurrencies that have taken the world by storm this last year. Edward Baran reports.

TOKYO, JAPAN (Reuters) – These are the Virtual Currency Girls.

A Japanese girl band who’ve jumped on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

They’re dedicated to singing about the cryptocurrencies that have taken much of the world by storm, especially Japan.


“(Cryptocurrencies are so convenient) you kind of have to wonder why we didn’t have them before. We want everyone to learn more about them.”

20 fans packed into this Tokyo venue to hear their debut number ‘The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me

The song is a cautionary tale about the dangers of Bitcoin trade, with catchy lyrics such as ‘Be careful about your password! Don’t use the same one.”…

The band say the aim is to inform the public in an entertaining way.