Kanye West hospitalised

Rapper Kanye West is reported to be in hospital in Los Angeles suffering from exhaustion after cancelling the rest of his U.S. tour. Paul Chapman reports.

(REUTERS/JOSHUA HOOVER) – Cell phone footage of Kanye West’s show in Sacramento on Saturday gives an idea of his recent behaviour.

The rapper launched into a rant about the media and the music industry …then stormed off stage.

On Monday the rest of his U.S. tour was abruptly cancelled and he was admitted to this Los Angeles hospital reportedly suffering from exhaustion.

Some news reports said he was hospitalised after police responded to a medical welfare call.

Concert promoters Live Nation said in a statement the remaining 21 U.S. dates of West’s tour had been cancelled.

They gave no reasons, fuelling speculation about the rapper’s mental and physical health.

After Saturday’s Sacramento stage walk-out he cancelled Sunday’s show in Los Angeles at the last minute.

West made headlines last week when he was booed at a show in San Jose for declaring his support for President-elect Donald Trump.