Rapper Ross arrested for kidnap, assault

(R Reports) – Rapper Rick Ross was arrested at his home near Atlanta with his bodyguard Nadrian Lateef James on Wednesday over allegations of kidnap and assault.

The pair were later being held without bail at Fayette County Jail in Georgia.

The sheriff’s office and arrest reports allege they forced a man named Jonathan Zamudio ito a bedroom at Ross’s estate and stopped him from leaving.

It’s alleged Zamudio was beaten, suffering chipped teeth, jaw and neck injuries, scratches and bruises, and was also hit and threatened with a hand gun.

Police were called to Ross’s mansion at about 6.30 in the morning on June 7th but were at first refused entry.

Authorities said officers eventually forced the gate open and the men were arrested without further incident.

Ross was also arrested in a separate incident in June for marijuana possession.