Singer R. Kelly denies cult claims

R&B singer R. Kelly denies an article by BuzzFeed News that says he was keeping a household of young women in a cult. Grace Lee reports.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (REUTERS / BUZZFEED.COM WEBSITE) – Three-time Grammy winner R. Kelly in the hot seat this week, denying claims that he’s been keeping a household of young women as part of a cult.

The accusations coming from a 9-month long investigative report from Buzzfeed, and the article quickly becoming one of the top-trending items on social media.

It cites interviews with two families and three former associates of Kelly and says all of the women were over the age of consent.

One mother in the article calling the set-up a cult and other family members expressing frustration at limited contact with their daughters.

Buzzfeed says the two families had asked for help from police but the women rejected the attempts to bring them home.

Kelly’s lawyer says Kelly is alarmed and disturbed at the allegations and that they’ll be working to clear his name.