U2 show cancelled after security breach

A police officer who had forgotten to leave his gun at home causes a concert with Irish band U2 to be cancelled.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (SEPTEMBER 20, 2015) (TV4) – The Globe arena in Stockholm was evacuated and an U2 concert cancelled on Sunday (September 20) after a man with a gun entered the arena.

A man who said he was a police officer who had forgotten to leave his gun at home was let in as fans had already started to fill the arena in the Swedish capital.

Later, when police found out a person with a gun was in the venue, it was cleared out while police searched for the weapon.

“This is the last thing everyone concerned wanted and we understand completely that people are both sad and disappointed. At the same time we’re happy that we have found this replacement concert on Tuesday and we hope people understand and that security is our highest priority,” said Kristoffer Akersson from concert organiser Live Nation via a telephone interview.

On Monday (September 21) the police announced it was in indeed a police officer and he is now being investigated for professional misconduct.

The show, which is part of the Innocence + Experience tour 2015 will instead be held on Tuesday (September 22).