‘Star Wars’ land coming to Disney’s California, Florida parks

(REUTERS/DISNEY/LUCASFILM ARTIST CONCEPT) – A galaxy far far away is coming to Disney theme parks in Florida and California.

Plans to build ‘Star Wars’ lands at Walt Disney World and Disneyland were announced on Saturday by Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The 14 acre additions at each park will include new rides- one that will allow participants to take control of the Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Stars of the latest film in the franchise, “The Force Awakens”, said they were excited about the news.


“I’m excited about hopefully getting like the VIP pass because I am in the movie right? So, hopefully I don’t have to stand in the lines, that’s what I am most excited about.”


“You know that’s not, I feel like there is so much that happens in the Star Wars universe that it’s almost impossible for them to go wrong with it, I mean, there’s just so many different places they could go with it. I think they should just stay true to what Star Wars is and we will be all good.”

Construction on Star Wars land will begin at Disneyland in 2017.

A start date for construction at Disney World has not been set.