Chimpanzee knocks drone out of sky with stick in Netherlands zoo

A go-pro camera captures the moment a chimpanzee uses a stick to destroy a drone flying around an ape enclosure in a Netherlands zoo.

ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS (APRIL 10, 2015) (BURGER’S ZOO) – A chimpanzee knocked a drone out of the sky with a long stick while it was flying around an ape enclosure in a zoo in the Netherlands on Friday (April 10).

Footage shot by a go-pro camera attached to the drone captured the moment a chimpanzee reached out from a tree with a large stick and hit the drone in mid-air.

It then fell to the ground, where a group of curious chimpanzees are filmed quickly gathering to examine the object.

The drone, which was intended to be used to film the animals in their natural habitat for a Dutch television show, was destroyed.