Jon Stewart tips his hat to fans as he leaves the studio after his final taping

Jon Stewart leaves the studio with his family following the final taping of “The Daily Show.” Audience members say the show was emotional.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (AUGUST 06, 2015) (REUTERS) – With the tip of his hat, Jon Stewart exited his New York studio for the final time as the host of “The Daily Show” on Thursday (August 6).

Fans leaving the studio called the taping and Stewart momentous.

“I mean Jon Stewart is a member of television history. He’s as iconic as Walter Cronkite. He’s iconic – a funny Walter Cronkite, you know?”

New Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen helped send off Stewart along with his past reporters.

“Bruce Springsteen came on and did a sign off for Jon. All the correspondents came back, whoever had been on the show before came and said goodbye. Colbert had like a really awesome goodbye to Jon and it was just, it was very sweet and funny. The perfect way to send Jon off,” said Tara Seymour.

Longtime fan Vicky Sandin said Stewart ended the show as a family man and not a comedian.

“[At] the end his wife and his two little children came on and they danced to Bruce Springsteen and you could tell that he was really happy to be with them.”

South African comedian Trevor Noah is set to take over the late show desk when the show returns. Fans of the show are mixed on his pending arrival.

“We are, he’s going to rock the house, rock the house,” said Sandin and her son.

“No I don’t like him. No, I want more of Jon,” said Raphel Caba.

“You know cautiously speaking. I’m not – I’ll give him a shot but he’s got some really big shoes to fill,” said Laura Vankin.

After 16 years as the host, fellow comedians consider Stewart as somewhat of an icon.

“From what I heard, I’ve meet him only twice. I heard he is like one of the nicest guys in the business. So hopefully he’ll stay in the business to give us a little more,” said Lisa Lampanelli before heading into the opening night of the musical “Hamilton.”

“I feel like with him leaving it’s like the voice of reason is leaving late night. He was the person that I turned to – you know, you had the others that give there jokes or whatever and Jon did that as well, but I felt like he helped me understand what was going on and on the best days he agreed with what I thought was crazy. We were together going, ‘this is crazy.’ And I think that’s what we will be missing,” added actress and comedian Yvette Nicole Brown.

Stewart, a stand up comedian who last year released his first movie – the political drama “Rosewater” – has given few clues as to what he will do next.