“Narcos” cast on new season, FARC deal

The second season of Colombian drug crime drama “Narcos” coincides with Bogota and Marxist FARC rebels reaching a final peace deal to end a five-decade war which once took the resource-rich country to the brink of collapse. Francis Maguire reports.

The cast of Netflix drama “Narcos” walked the red carpet in LA on Wednesday to celebrate the show’s second season.

It follows the rise and fall of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The show also explores the drug war in Latin America – proving a personal matter for the man who plays Escobar.

Wagner Moura, actor,

“It was important for me and I think that I’ve learned a lot about things that matter to me, like the drug trade is something that resonates with me as a Latin American man. I’ve always thought for example that drugs should be legalized.”

The premiere also coincided with the news that Colombia’s government had reached a deal with FARC to end a five-decade war.

That delighted one of the show’s Colombian stars.

Cristina Umana, actress,

“I feel absolutely excited for what’s happening. I think that for us, we are a country that has had to live very difficult and tough situations, but we want to become a better society and we’re aiming for that, as a society we need to feel that we’re at peace.”

The second season of “Narcos” premieres September 2nd on Netflix.