Seinfeld’s television home is recreated

(REUTERS / SONY PICTURES TELEVISION) – Video streaming site Hulu is celebrating the launch of the entire “Seinfeld” series with a pop-up recreation of Seinfeld’s television show apartment in New York.

From June 24-June 28 fans will have the chance to walk around a replica of Seinfeld’s Upper West Side pad modeled after season 8.

Larry Thomas, who played the ‘Soup Nazi’ says the exhibit will be like Disneyland to fans.

Larry Thomas, actor,

“At the final ‘Seinfeld’ party, the wrap party, they gave away these little disposal cameras to each person that came. And so the first thing I did was go to Jerry’s living room set and have my picture take there.”

Also included in the 3,500 square feet exhibit is the original diner table and booth from the show, the Devil’s jersey worn by ‘David Puddy,’ and the Porsche picture featured in Seinfeld’s apartment.

Seinfeld himself donated several items to the pop-up, including a signed canvas brick wall signed by the cast and crew during the series wrap party.

The online streaming company acquired the rights to all of the episodes in the series which will launch on June 24th, which Thomas says will breed new fans.

Larry Thomas, actor,

“There are like thirteen-year-olds that come up to me and they love the show and stuff. But Hulu is their generation, you know, streaming, this is their generation. So now they are going to watch this show and they can – I recommend watching it from beginning to end, you know. See how the characters developed, because they did. So, yes, it’s going to get introduced to a lot of new people. It’s going to be cool.”