Zambian Inspired “The Struggle” Film Coming to Netflix

– AKende Munalula an international Zambian Hollywood based actor on “The Struggle “film.

” Djimon Hounsou will help the world to see us”

Lusaka, 24th February 2021 /The Struggle/ — When I decided to be an actor, I chose to do it in Hollywood because I believed that we deserve to be seen on the biggest stage in the world. I arrived in Hollywood with the pride of knowing that I was standing on the shoulders of giants such as our first President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, who had shown the world through the struggle for independence, that we are equal to all men and women everywhere, and that our voice matters in the global conversation.

I am again incredibly proud to stand on the shoulders of our great first President as a member of the team striving to tell, not only his story, but our story. “The Struggle” represents who we are as a nation, it speaks to the spirit within us, the spirit that always rises and inspires us all to dream bigger.

I believe it is that spirit, as seen in Frank Kasonde, that inspired Djimon Hounsou to come on board as an ally in bringing our story to the world. Frank is a tireless believer in our people and our ability to achieve the impossible. And Djimon Hounsou’s own story is one of succeeding against all odds. Together, we are an unstoppable team.

Having Djimon on board is an important step in shining the brightest spotlight on our country. As someone who has been in Hollywood for close to 10 years, I can attest to the importance of having a tribe of believers. Trust me, having someone on the inside is everything when you’re outside.

Djimon is our inside man, our guide in navigating through a system that knows very little about us, and us of it. We want the world to appreciate KK as much as we appreciate him. We want the world to see why he is so beloved by our people. We can not share this gift in the darkness. Hollywood, through Djimon, will shine the brightest starlight on our beloved “Father of the Nation”. For what he has done for us, for Africa, and the world, he deserves to receive his flowers on the largest stage there is!


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