Dementia costs could top $1 trln by 2018

Someone develops dementia every three seconds, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International.

And there are close to 47 million people already living with the disease.

Chris Roberts is one of them.

Chris Roberts, Dementia sufferer,

“The worse thing I found was I was getting lost in the car, not just forgetting where I was going, I wouldn’t know where I was, and that totally just blew me away.”

Global health and care company Bupa has been working closely with Alzheimer’s Disease International to raising awareness about the disease and reducing the risk of getting it.

Businesses are part of the plan.

Professor Graham Stokes is Bupa’s Global Director of Dementia Care.

Professor Graham Stokes, Bupa’s Global Director of Dementia Care,

“We’re going to see people working to 65+. But many people want to work, maybe in a more flexible way from 65-74. Once you start having a workforce that has an increasing number of people in their late sixties the risk of dementia dramatically increases.”

The new World Alzheimers report says the disease costs more than $800 billion a year

And it’ll top a trillion dollars by 2018 and possibly be double that by 2030

If global dementia were a country, it would be the 18th largest economy

Exceeding the market values of two of the world’s biggest companies

Chris still works with his wife Jayne in their property business.

But only part time.

He also spends time raising awareness about a disease that could affect almost 75 million people by 2030.