Elevator chair turns into toilet

Japanese company Mainichi Inc creates elevator chair that turns into a portable toilet during emergencies.

TOKYO, JAPAN (JULY 13, 2016) (REUTERS) – Japanese company Mainichi Inc displayed its elevator toilet on Wednesday (July 13) at a disaster goods exhibition in downtown Tokyo. The toilet, called EV Cabinet Chair, is a small bench that can be positioned in the corner of an elevator. In emergencies, where people are stuck in an elevator for a long time, they can lift open the lid and use it as a portable lavatory.

EV Cabinet Chair weighs 9.8 kilograms (22lb), is 500 millimetres (mm) tall, and about 300 mm wide. It comes in three different colours – light gold, brown, and ivory – and is equipped with disposable toilet bags that can be used up to ten times. One EV Cabinet Chair costs about 63,000 yen (600 US dollars).

“It takes time for people to be rescued when multiple elevators stop in different locations. It’s (EV Cabinet Chair) there to solve that, and at other times it can be used as a bench,” Mainichi Inc Sales Manager, Nobuhiro Kubo, told Reuters.

Mainichi also produces a range of portable toilets.