HIV positive Zambian woman dies in northern India

A Zambian woman, tested positive for HIV, dies in India’s northern Amritsar city. She was in India after Pakistan immigration authorities sent her back for not holding visa to visit their country.

AMRITSAR, PUNJAB, INDIA (JUNE 28, 2015) (ANI) – A Zambian woman, tested positive for HIV, died in India’s northern Punjab state on Sunday (June 28).

Twala Keltha, 28, was brought to Guru Nanak Dev Medical hospital in Amritsar city by police on Friday (June 27) after she was deported by Pakistan officials in absence of visa.

Head of department of medicine, Doctor NS Neki, said that Keltha underwent a number of medical tests but died before the reports came in. She also had convulsions.

“The reports showed that she was HIV positive. We had sent reports on further tests to be conducted on Monday. CT scan was also referred to clarify if the patient has taken overdose of medication or she was under severe emotional stress besides other HIV related issues. But before reports could come she died,” said Neki.

He added that she did not cooperate with the medical team, especially the male physicians.

Meanwhile, police is completing the necessary formalities.

“The dead body has been kept in the hospital and administration is completing all the norms in this matter,” said Deputy Commissioner, Pardeep Sabharwal.

Twala arrived in Amritsar from Delhi and was on the way to Pakistan but she was returned by Pakistan immigration officials since she did not possess a visa.