Poles in Britain donate blood to strengthen ties with UK

Polish migrants across the United Kingdom donate blood, in a national week long post-Brexit campaign to strengthen solidarity between Poles and Brits.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (AUGUST 24, 2016) (REUTERS) – Polish migrants across Britain took part in a campaign to donate blood this week (August 20-27), in an attempt to show unity and solidarity with Britons post-Brexit.

The social media campaign, and its hashtag Polish Blood, developed last August, as an alternative to a then mooted strike by Polish migrants who at the time felt unappreciated and victims of xenephobia in Britain.

A year later, thousands more Poles are donating blood at blood banks across the country after a wave of xenephobic attacks on migrants following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in June.

Chef consultant Damian Wawrzyniak donated blood in central London.

“It’s all about bringing communities together. Making us not only workers, helpers, because somebody says; you work good when you get paid. Here you don’t get paid. It’s like giving something,” he said.

Britain’s Polish community’s campaign is running at the same time as NHS Blood and Transplant’s “Missing Type” blood drive campaign, an international effort calling for new people to register as blood donors.