Beauty and politics don’t mix for Miss Universe

(R Reports) – Upon returning home to Colombia, the reigning Miss Universe gets a warm welcome from President Juan Manuel Santos.

At a press conference, Santos describes 22-year-old pageant winner, Paulina Vega, as an inspiration for his country.

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos,

“We, just like Paulina (Vega) had the dream to be Miss Universe and she achieved it; everyone should have important dreams in their lives, important goals. We as a country also have a lot of dreams and we want to see them become realities. Of course, the dream of peace.”

Santos’ government has been engaged in peace talks with FARC rebels for nearly two and a half years. The conflict has killed some 220,000 people and displaced millions.

While Vega dreams of change for her country, she says she declined an invitation by FARC to attend peace talks in Havana.

Miss Universe, Paulina Vega,

“I didn’t end up meeting with the FARC because I think that if I would have been able to help, I would have gone. But just by talking to them and for them to tell me how things are going; I don’t think it would have been really significant to the (peace) process. So, I think we made the wiser choice which was to leave it to the government and the president and not to me.”

This is Vega’s first trip home since she was crowned Miss Universe in January.