Kendall Jenner files suit

The model is suing a skincare company for $10 million (USD) over an advertisement. Alicia Powell reports.

Kendall Jenner, a model and one of the stars of reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” is suing a skincare company for at least $10 million (USD), claiming it used her photo in an advertisement without permission.

In the complaint, lawyers for Jenner say she never authorized Cutera Inc to use her likeness in an ad for its Laser Genesis treatment.

The ad quoted the 20-year-old as having once said acne had “completely ruined” her self-esteem, and claimed her now “nearly flawless skin” was the product of visits to a dermatologist for Laser Genesis treatment.

Legal documents say “Ms. Jenner’s actual endorsement for a worldwide campaign such as this would command a fee well into eight figures… Setting aside the monetary value,” it added, “it is Ms. Jenner’s choice whether or not to commercially endorse another party’s goods and services.”

Cutera did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The lawsuit, filed by Jenner and her company Kendall Jenner Inc, accuses the company of trademark infringement, false endorsement, and violating Jenner’s right of publicity.