Madonna allowed to adopt two Malawian children

Madonna has been granted permission to adopt two more children from Malawi after the country’s High Court gave its approval. Francis Maguire reports.

(REUTERS / UNRESTRICTED POOL) – Pop star Madonna has approval to adopt two more children from Malawi.

The High Court in the southern African country gave her permission on Tuesday.

Madonna was inside the courtroom when the decision was made.

The Court now says she has to provide a home survey report within the next year as a condition for adoption.

The 58 year-old has already adopted two Malawian children.

Her daughter Mercy James and son David Banda.

Madonna had denied reports she wanted to adopt again after a visit to Malawi last month.

But her adoptions have caused controversy in the country before.

Some Malawians accuse the government of allowing a major celebrity to get around laws which ban non-residents from adopting.