Red carpet secrets of the stars

Tricks of the trade: A look at some of the things celebrities do to look their best on the red carpet.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES (REUTERS) – When it comes to appearing on Oscars’ red carpet preparations come in all forms.

From paint to cosmetic procedures, everything and everyone strive for perfection.

With the Academy Awards only days away some A-listers may be turning to Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care in Beverly Hills, California for an IV vitamin infusion that provides double benefits.

“Initially it’s internal because you’re getting the hydration and you’re getting all of the vitamins. But the affects of the vitamins are on the skin, on the immune system,” said Joy Edwards, R.N, certified aesthetic nurse specialist.

And to get that full kissable pout, Edwards recommends lip fillers, but with a blunt tip cannula instead of a straight needle.

“Basically it’s a hollow tube that has a blunt tip on the end and what it does is rolls over blood vessels. That’s not 100 percent of the time but generally that’s what it does. So it causes less discomfort to the patient and less tendency for bruising.”

In order to have the best red carpet ready results Edwards said it’s best to have a week-long lead time.

Catching the eye of the right photographer can be done with lash extensions. At Lash Loft in New York City lead technician, Candi Maldonado, said more and more celebrities are opting for a more natural approach when it comes to enhancing their eyes.

“Lash extensions are to create more volume and extend the clients lashes.”

The process, which can take up to 1 hour and a half depending on length, can last up to 4-6 weeks.

“The strip lashes, they look fake, they don’t look real. And the extensions, what I’m doing is attaching one-by-one to your own lashes. So that’s why it gives a more natural look.”

Although many may not admit it, Hollywood’s leading men put on what Dr. Janine Hopkins, founder of minerals black tie, makeup for men, calls a visual filter before they face the camera.

Dr. Hopkins created the line as a way to help male patients cover-up severe skin blemishes, but it’s also being used on the red carpet.

“It would help to make the actor look just more youthful, more bright eyed and not have those dark circles showing up on camera.”

The 6 step process of this healthy mineral based line starts with a primer and even includes a concealer to create the flawless man.

“You got to have something to help cover up those little blemishes. Even though most of our male celebrities, and certainly our model here today are quite flawless, they’re still not immune to the occasional breakout.”

Proof that flawless sun kissed skin and striking eyebrows can come in a bottle.

Celebrities will put their best face forward on Oscar Sunday, February 26.

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