Television personality Ricki Lake joins forces with the U.N. and Facebook to help fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS

Ricki Lake teams up with social media stars to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

(TREATMENT FOR ALL #TREATMENTFORALL) – Former U.S. talk show host Ricki Lake has teamed up with the United Nations and Facebook to help fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS with a new campaign #treatmentforall.

On November 30th Facebook premiered the first-ever documentary film on its platform about the social media campaign and Lake’s recent visit to Malawi, Africa with four ‘digital influencers.’

The group visited the Jacaranda School founded by Lake’s former nanny, Marie Da Silva.

“It was hard, it was sad, tragic and hopeful and joy-filled. I mean, it was a life changing experience for all of us. And the ultimate goal is to spread the word about treatment, the real need for treatment for all globally. AIDS/HIV is still an epidemic that effects all of us globally,” said Lake.

“We think, you know, since we don’t talk about it every day in the news anymore until Charlie Sheen announces that he is positive. But it is still hugely prevalent in the African American community in this country. Obviously in sub-Saharan Africa. So we are all affected by this,” she added.

The 18 minute video shows the issue in the region they visited was about getting medicine to rural areas.

“They just don’t have access. And so there is not enough clinicians and doctors available. So that’s the issues, it’s not a lack of medication. So between PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) and UNAIDS and Bill Clinton’s organization they have made this announcement that they are going to allocate the funds to provide treatment for all globally and that treatment equals prevention,” she explained.

The Emmy Award winning television personality has moved on from hosting and acting to dedicate her life to documentary film making.

“I’m not hosting anymore. I think it’s safe to say, I’ve passed the baton to some other people. But I make documentaries. That’s what I do, I made one about birth called ‘The Business of Being Born’ a few years ago, which has really become a movement. I mean it’s so surprising to me, I made this very personal, very small film that I funded myself and to see it promote change in the hospital setting and to educate and empower the consumer it’s amazing,”

“Now all my issues are sort of health oriented and it’s about informed choice. I am all about informed choice,” Lake added.

By teaming up with PEPFAR and other AIDS awareness organizations, the campaign hopes to treat 28 million people by 2020.