Activists slam Saint Laurent ads for “degrading” women

Feminist activists denounce Saint Laurent adverts for being offensive towards women.

PARIS, FRANCE (MARCH 7, 2016) (REUTERS) – Feminist activists in Paris on Tuesday (March 7) called on French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent to pull down the adverts which they said were offensive to women.

The ads caused uproar on social media where people called on Yves Saint Laurent to withdraw them.

The complaints were brought to the attention of the advertising watchdog, the Autorite de Regulation Professionnelle de la Publicite (ARPP), which then asked the label to

One of the ads features a reclining woman in a fur coat and fishnet tights with her legs spread wide and the other shows a model in a leotard and roller skate stilettos bending over a stool.

“We are here to say we have had enough, enough of the culture of rape being used as an inspiration, as a commercial strategy by the big brands of multi-billionaires,” feminist activist Lorraine Questiaux told Reuters TV.

Out on the streets of Paris, residents had mixed views over the adverts.

Passer-by Fabrice said he did not “see the elegance” in the pictures, while 50-year-old Diane Diallo said she had seen much more degrading adverts.

Saint Laurent, part of luxury group Kering, could not be immediately reached for comment.