Celebrated African designers bring Spring/Summer collections to Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week

Leading African designers showcase cutting-edge Spring/Summer collections at this year’s Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA (AUGUST 01, 2015) (REUTERS) – Backstage at the Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week, make up artists and hairdressers are frantically getting all the models ready.

This evening, fashion house Lalesso are among the designers presenting their Spring/Summer 2016 range.

With fluid lines and vibrant patterns, Lalesso’s collections are inspired by the East Africa khanga cloth.

Alice Heusser and Olivia Kennaway are the creators behind the luxurious brand.

Lalesso is dedicated to protecting the environment and is one of the first completely carbon-zero fashion brands in the world.

“So Lalesso has been inspired by the East African Khanga, that’s how we started the label eight years ago, we now use that as a starting block each season with our prints and our collection trying to kind of contemporise the template of the East African kanga so that is our trademark,” said Alice Heusser.

Cape Town designer, Michelle Ludek also wowed the audience with her distinctive pieces created for the modern free-spirited woman.

Those who attended the various shows said they were impressed by all the work they saw.

“Yeah, like every designer we try to do the Western stuff but we go back to Africa because the colours, the creativity, the beads, the flowers, the sunset, the sunrise; everything just inspires us all the beautiful colours yes,” said Ira Manchise, a Mozambican designer at Mercedes Benz Cape Town Fashion Week.

“Wow it’s was great. I like the creamy lacy one, sort of a wedding thing. I am not sure if it’s a wedding thing but it’s nice white lacy clothes, lacy designs, so innovative, it’s so innovative I like it very much,” added Unathyi Matiwana, another guest.

With multiple shows, Cape Town Fashion Week is held at the V & A Waterfront over the course of three days (July 30 – August 01).

The event attracts fashion enthusiasts and buyers from across the world. Organisers say it gives much needed international exposure to local designers.